Beaus Debs and all Escorts


Preparing for Excellence – Exceeding the Dream

In collaboration with Fortitude Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization established in partnership with the Gwinnett County Alumnae Chapter (GCAC) to serve as the foremost resource to house, facilitate, and foster community service programs in Gwinnett County, we are pleased to present our Cotillion~Beautillion Program. The Cotillion~Beautillion is our premier cultural biennial event to prepare young men and women at the threshold of adulthood to assume their place in society by introducing them to educational, social, and cultural graces while preparing them for service.

The Gwinnett County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority strives to bring value to the greater Gwinnett community, workforce, and society by enhancing the lives of the debutantes and beaus through exemplary programs, preparation techniques, the pursuit of personal and scholarly excellence, and commitment to service to the greater Gwinnett community. Cotillion~Beautillion participants are allowed to participate in a nine-month program consisting of personal development seminars in the areas of financial management, relationship development, effective communication, dining/social etiquette, and networking. Also, debutantes and beaus are charged with giving back to the community by participating in local community service activities. The participants will have an opportunity to exchange information, establish camaraderie, reinforce bonds of friendship, build personal character, and have an invaluable experience that they will use as a foundation for lifelong achievement. The Cotillion~Beautillion Program is committed to reinforcing parental values, promoting responsible citizenship, and community activism. The program will develop well-rounded initiatives for young men and women that will build community while respecting and enhancing the unique individualism of every debutante and beau. GCAC strives to produce a more confident, critically aware individual who challenges society to develop viable solutions to its ills while promoting empowerment, leadership, and personal accountability through mentorship.

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